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Just another way to hack FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on Xbox, PS4 and PC

This tool is the reason why EA is updating its game almost every week! Since a few month a Coin Generator for FIFA 18 was leaked with which you can easily generate an unlimited amount of free FIFA 18 Coins and Points and transfer them to your PlayStation, Xbox or PC account. Now Easports is trying to fix this bug over and over again. Not successful yet.

The FIFA 18 Coins Hack was leaked back in November and has gone viral since then. Many thousand gamer are using this magnificent Generator and save a huge amount of cash. For those who don’t know – FUT 18 Points and Coins are the ingame currency and you have to use them to buy and open packs or simply to buy player on the transfermarket. Usually the only way to get these items is by playing matches, tournaments or trading. The only way to get points is to invest real money. Even then you can only buy packs with the points, which is not good, because in these packs are mostly useless items such as player contracts, manager contracts and so on. You see, it is not a good idea to buy points and open packs, simply because it is almost impossible to get decent player. It is like gambling and the chance to get Ronaldo or any other player which is similar is not common at all.

Who made the FIFA 18 Hack and how can it help you in the game?

The hack for FUT 18 is made by a group of gamer, which were annoyed of paying money for getting a good team. They didn’t like that FUT became more and more a “pay-to-win” game. To be honest, the game is still about skills, but awesome player like Messi, Ronaldo and so on can make a difference when you are playing on a very high level. In their new mode FUT Champions you have to qualify and then you have to win a specific number of matches. Most gamer playing this are having an absolutely great and strong team. To compete with them you should have an equal ultimate team.

FIFA 18 Coin Generator Online on here will help you to get your desired amount of FIFA 18 Free Coins and Points. By using this FUT 18 points hack you will become completely independent. To see how it works and what are benefits we can recommend you to take a look on YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo videos which you can find all over the internet. This hack tool also went viral on Twitter and Facebook. You might have seen many people discussing about it these days.

You should definitely give it a try!


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